Provisional Crown & Bridge

Tooth Shade Powder

A self-curing acrylic resin for making longer term, more color stable, temporary crown and bridge restorations

  • Very fast setting
  • The most durable temporary crown and bridge material on the market today
  • Methyl methacrylate hardness
  • Easy to polish and trim


Denture Base

Offered in heat cure or self-cure with six color options.

Denture Reline

Four levels of relines available from cushion treatment to hard relines to work for the newly edentulous patients to the seasoned wearer.

Denture Repair

The original fast curing acrylic resin for denture repair – preferred by dentists and laboratory technicians for its impressive, consistent results.

Polish, Stain & Seal


A liquid resin system for custom characterizing and staining proivisional crown and bridge materials.


Jet Seal is a revolutionary self-curing surface sealant. It can be used when sealing soft and hard relines, temporary crowns and bridges, denture repairs and dentures.


Jet XR

Radiopaque self-curing powder for use in fabrication of surgical guides. Available with two levels of opacity for differentiation of soft and hard tissue on x-rays.

Custom Tray

Easy to Use

Dead pack dough in less than one minute of mixing and won't stick to your fingers after mixing

Dimensionally Stable

The dough will stay in place on the model and won't distort after curing

Easy to Trim

A hard, durable plastic tray is produced that won't gum-up burs when trimming